Delta Series Student Desk

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The Allied Delta Series Student Desk™ has a unique design that allows you to customize your classroom to meet the needs of the students. Whether they are working in pairs, groups of three, four or six, students can arrange our Delta Series Desks comfortably promoting successful collaboration for any classroom activity and learning-group size.

  • Adaptable Comfort: Two height ranges, toddler (17"-25" table height) or regular (26"-35" table height), are available, making it easy to accommodate users of different sizes.

  • ADA Compliant: Upper height range is wheelchair-accessible so all students can enjoy this great design.

  • Attractive Surface: Laminate desktops come in a choice of colors, two styles with black t-mold edge banding and plywood top with a clear lacquered edge.

  • Full Access: The curved inside edge makes it easier for students to reach and utilize the whole work surface.

Who says that a desk has to be square or rectangular? Our Delta Series create an environment that will inspire young learners to think outside of the box.

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Product Specifications

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  • Tops
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  • Legs
  • Features & Options

Model Number




Per Pack

Delta Series Student Desk Shapes and Sizes


24"W X 36"L

Delta 3/4" Plywood

27 Lbs.



24"W X 36"L

Delta 3/4" Particleboard

29 Lbs.



24"W X 36"L

Delta 1 1/8" Particleboard

37 Lbs.


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