A+ Collaboration Stations

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With the Allied A + Series your classroom will make the grade!

Our A+ Collaboration Station™ helps teachers and students create the optimum seating arrangement to foster a Collaborative Learning Environment.

  • When seated facing the center of the table, children can participate collaboratively on group projects like puzzles or board games.
  • Seated facing their individual 20" X 20" work-areas, they can work independently, concentrating on reading, drawing, or working with manipulatives.

Available with adjustable standard range, low range or high range legs, as well as with fixed height round or square legs, these tables compliment any setting.

Your classroom and students will come alive with these exciting A+ Collaborative Stations™.

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Product Specifications

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Per Pack

A+ Collaboration Stations™ Shapes and Sizes


60" X 60"

Collaboration Station

96 Lbs.


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