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Computer tables must be strong and stable to offer safety and protection for your valuable computer equipment. At the same time they must be functional so that your computer users are productive and comfortable.

Allied is pleased to offer several computer tables and carts to meet your needs.

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Activity tables must be built to stand up to heavy, every day use. The full range of Allied activity tables was designed taking this primary requirement into account. Each table top and leg assembly design has been extensively tested to assure that it will remain strong and look great after many years of use.

All Allied tops have premium quality high pressure laminates that are ideal in the classroom environment. Our leg structures are made of heavy gauges of steel to guarantee structural integrity. Whether you prefer non- adjustable or adjustable height versatility, Allied has just the right table for you.

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Six popular styles to choose from. Our wooden models all have solid hardwood construction utilizing 2-1/4” square solid legs and 3/4” X 5” solid hardwood aprons offering superior strength and beauty for a traditional science table look. Our steel frame styles combine chemical resistant tops with steel legs and aprons. All Allied wooden frame science tables come with factory installed protective black leg boots.

Whether your preference is for high pressure laminate, chemical resistant high pressure laminate, a solid phenolic chemical resistant surface, or the premium epoxy resin chemical resistant table top, Allied has them all, and we can put any top material on any science table.

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The Allied LB Series of Library Tables are a perfect compliment in any library. Our 3/4” thick plywood tops, covered in the finest high-pressure laminate, are built to last and look great for years.

All laminates are stain, scratch and mar resistant, and the table edges are rounded bull-nose style for added safety. The table legs are 1-3/4” square solid hardwood and the table aprons are 3” by 3/4” hardwood. Each leg is attached with two heavy duty lag bolts into pre-drilled holes make set up quick and easy.

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Allied proudly offers several exceptional styles of utility tables that truly deserve this designation. Strength and functionality are the hallmarks of them all. Made of 1-1/8” thick particleboard, covered with premium quality high pressure laminates, and incorporating extra strong steel or wood frames and aprons, some with square adjustable or fixed height legs structures. All Allied utility tables are guaranteed to meet your highest expectations for functionality, strength, safety and attractiveness.

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All Allied seating solutions are designed to be both strong and functional. The enhanced safety features keep the comfort of the students in mind while maintaining the safety needs of the classroom.

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Student Desks

Designed to be both strong and functional, all Allied student desks have the needs of the school and the comfort of the students in mind. Adjustable heights allow these desks to be used in varied student age/size environments, and because they all have horizontal writing surfaces, they can be arranged in cooperative study groups in an unlimited number of configurations. Writing surface is made up of 1-1/8” thick particle board so these desks will stand up in the sometimes hostile classroom environment.

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Study Carrels

The purpose of a study carrel is to provide privacy and peacefulness so that the user can concentrate and perform at optimal levels. All Allied study carrels have been engineered to look great and offer a secure and comfortable work environment. The adjustable height capabilities of each carrel makes them compatible in any classroom setting.

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Art rooms require tables that are functional and strong. Oversized tops that are smooth and hard provide a work surface that all students and teachers can appreciate. Premium quality and maximum versatility in one value packed table. Offered with either a 1-3/4” thick solid maple top or a 1-1/8” thick laminated particle board top, the Allied AT Series stands and the head of the class.

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